HIRAM, The Demon of Pro-Lifers

KASHA, The Demon of Abortion

"Well, I guess you're pleased with yourself!" the demon spat, storming over to the other demon's table in Shal-Mari. He was practically frothing already.

"Hello Hiram. Tired of doing the Lord's work on Earth?"

The Habbalite sneered. "Spare me your sarcasm, whore! So your side won another victory in the Supreme Court. Don't imagine for a minute that you'll stop us!"

"Oh, I don't. Although I rather thought the presentation by the lawyer from Catholics for Life was more effective than your little demonstration outside. Don't you think the bloody fetuses are getting a little passé?"

The first demon's mutilated face twisted into a snarl. "Legal blathering and the nattering of intellectuals are the tactics upon which the Host relies. I know what really inspires righteous outrage, and I have minions who will prove far more effective than those insipid Heavenly automatons!"

"Another bombing? You're really not very original. But whatever....you know I'll still be in business no matter what."

The Habbalite stood there, glowering for a few seconds, then said "That's what I really don't understand about you, Kasha. It would be in your own best interests to support me. I know you help scores of women murder their children, and collect Geases for the service. You must get a lot more Geases of much higher value in places where it's illegal!"

The Demon of Abortion gave the Habbalite a beatific smile. "Who said a Lilim can't take a stand because it's the right thing to do?"


Demon of Pro-Lifers
Habbalite Captain of Factions

Corporeal Forces -- 3

Strength 8 Agility 4
Ethereal Forces -- 4

Intelligence 8 Precision 8
Celestial Forces -- 6

Will 12 Perception 12

Word Forces: 7

Vessel: Human/4

Role: Rev. Hiram Blackwell, Pro-Life Activist/4, Status 3

Songs: Acid/5, Charm (Corporeal/4, Ethereal/4, Celestial/4), Entropy (Corporeal/3), Motion (Ethereal/5, Celestial/3)

Skills: Driving/2, Emote/6, Fast-Talk/4, Fighting/3, Knowledge (Abortionists/3, Pro-Life Organizations/6), Lockpicking/1, Ranged Weapon (Rifle/2)

Attunements: Habbalite of Factions, Balseraph of Factions, Polarize, Captain of the Broken Promise, Demon of Pro-Lifers

Servant: Tony Makowski (former Soldier of God)/3

Special Attunement: Hiram can make a Perception roll to find out if a woman has ever had an abortion. He also adds his Ethereal Forces to any resonance roll against someone who is even moderately pro-life.

Special Rites: Start a pro-life demonstration; shut down an abortion clinic; prevent an abortion from happening by any means possible.

Hiram has been a fast-riser in Malphas' hierarchy. The Prince of Factions was quick to see the potential for abortion to become a powderkeg issue, but while he had Servitors working on both sides of the debate to keep it incendiary and violent, he couldn't find quite the right demon to make it his issue, and seize the potential for major Word-territory. When a low-ranking Habbalite of Factions spontaneously decided, as part of his Habbalite delusion, that God wanted him to punish abortionists and women who had abortions, Malphas took notice. He was quite pleased with Hiram's work, promoted him to Knight after he factionalized several Right-to-Life organizations into more extreme and violent splinter groups, and finally felt the Habbalite was ready to go before Lucifer for a Word after Hiram's innovations in large part led to "Pro-Lifer" becoming a synonym for violent fanatic in many peoples' minds. Hiram was promoted to Captain after he corrupted a Soldier of God who once served Laurence, turning the devout Catholic increasingly fanatical, until he was willing to use bombs and guns in the "war to save babies." This is one of many reasons why Shachim, the Angel of the Unborn, wants Hiram's head.

Hiram, of course, is quite sincere in his belief that abortion is a sin, and that he's doing the Lord's work by trying to prevent it. Every human being is born to suffer, after all, so why should countless unborn babies be spared that fate by their selfish mothers? Only God and His appointed angels should decide when a mortal's existence should come to an end. Hiram delights in terrorizing both abortion workers and women who have had abortions, filling them with feelings of such guilt and horror that many become suicidal, and others become traumatized converts to the pro-life cause.

Most demons regard Hiram with the same bemused contempt with which they regard all Habbalah. Hell in general couldn't care less about abortion as a moral issue. Hiram has either not noticed or simply dismissed as irrelevant the fact that Malphas is no more concerned about the rights of the unborn than he is concerned about the rights of toenail fungus.


The Demon of Abortion
Free Lilim

Corporeal Forces -- 4

Strength 8 Agility 8
Ethereal Forces -- 5

Intelligence 12 Precision 8
Celestial Forces -- 6

Will 12 Perception 12

Word Forces: 13

Vessels: Human/4, Human/2 (both adult females, one with Charisma +2, the other Charisma +1)

Songs: Affinity (Celestial/6), Form (Corporeal/3, Ethereal/3, Celestial/3), Healing (Corporeal/5, Ethereal/2, Celestial/2), Motion (Celestial/6), Projection (Corporeal/3), Shields (Ethereal/3, Celestial/3), Tongues (Corporeal/4)

Skills: Dodge/2, Driving/3, Emote/2, Escape/4, Fast-Talk/6, Knowledge (Abortionists/6, Abortion methods/6), Lying/2, Medicine/4

Attunements:: Lilim of Lust, Polarize, Knight of the Dead, Demon of Abortion

Special Attunement: As the Demon of Abortion, Kasha can cause a spontaneous abortion by spending 2 Essence. This does not create a disturbance (except for the Essence expenditure), but the subject must be willing. Such abortions are always quick and effective.

Special Rites: Assist in or perform an abortion; convince a woman to have an abortion.

Kasha is one of the few Word-bound Free Lilim in Hell, and one of very few to have been sponsored for a Word by Lilith herself (Lilith did collect a Geas for this, of course). Lilith sees Kasha's Word as being closely tied to her own, and so Kasha "serves" the Word of Freedom to a degree....like many Free Lilim, she enjoys the use of Lilith's Rites and accepts her dissonance conditions.

Kasha's status is assured both by the special favor she enjoys with Lilith, and the services she has performed for many Princes, earning her several attunements, and also thoroughly entangling her in a web of Geases. Asmodeus has classified Kasha as being as "safe" as any Free Lilim can be, thoroughly indebted to Hell and showing no signs of climbing her way out of infernal society. She doesn't spend much time in Hell, though; like most Lilim, she prefers Earth, and particularly the vast network of women (and men who got their girlfriends in trouble...) who owe her Geases for helping them out of "sticky situations."

Kasha supports unrestricted abortion on demand, no questions asked. She sees her Word as granting freedom for women, freedom for society, and freedom from all obligations or moral considerations.... She doesn't hate children, or revel in the death of fetuses, she just considers them irrelevant in the equation. A child is a leech that demands your time and energy for years; if anyone is insane enough to want to devote themselves to something that offers no payback (none that's meaningful to a Lilim, anyway), that's their choice, but Kasha can't imagine why anyone would think a helpless and useless cluster of tissue should have a claim over a free-willed being's body.

Andrealphus likes Kasha, as the easy availability of abortion removes an obstacle for his Servitors by removing one of the negative consequences of casual sex. He gave her a good deal on his Lilim Band attunement. Malphas paid her for a multi-year project (which involved his own pro-life Servitor Hiram) with his Polarize attunement. Saminga was initially peeved that a Free Lilim had a Word he felt should be his. Having Saminga peeved at you tends to be unhealthy for Free Lilim, but with Lilith's help, she managed to make a deal with the Prince of Death; she engineers at least 100 deaths a year during botched abortions, making them as bloody and grotesque as possible. She sees this as helping her Word, by horrifying people into wanting safe and legal abortions. Saminga was satisfied, and in fact was so pleased by the arrangement, and by her body count, that he Knighted her. (Saminga sees abortion as promoting Death; the fact that aborted fetuses don't send any souls to Hell is irrelevant to him. Saminga, as has been frequently noted, is a simpleton.)

Kasha and Maranel, the Angel of Abortion, have never met. Both would prefer to keep it that way. In an uneasy and perverse way, they support the same Word, but their outlooks are vastly different, and the Malakite would certainly feel obligated to destroy the demon. It is more certain, however, that both of them would be quite happy to see Hiram squashed.

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