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Last updated June 4, 2005

Archangel Dominic has noted Web Counter websurfers disturbing the Symphony.

In Nomine, by Steve Jackson Games, is a roleplaying game featuring the War between Heaven and Hell. I am a freelance writer and editor whose work has appeared in most In Nomine supplements.

I also once ran an In Nomine game on CompuServe's Roleplaying Games Forum, called "666: The Number of the Beast". Originally it was set in New York City, so on this page you will find material for my own version of In Nomine New York.

Later, however, it was set in San Francisco and Los Angeles, so you will also find some material about In Nomine San Francisco.

I now play in an online game on Dreamlyrics called God Bless Texas (GBT), set in Austin. I have been developing materials for a sister game set in Dallas, so I also have a Dallas In Nomine setting.

But there are a lot more In Nomine materials here! Browse the menus and see my NPCs, Superiors, alternative rules, Fudge conversions, Grigori writeup, and many other resources.

Comments? E-mail me!

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