Duke of Cities

The world is a city, full of pollution, crime and corruption. Bigger is better!

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Izrann was created shortly after Bethanel, thousands of years ago. When Archangel David began encouraging humans to band together, and Bethanel facilitated this with the development of cities, Lucifer saw a ripe opportunity to turn cities into breeding grounds for sin and vice. He assigned Malphas the task of sundering community bonds, and preventing cities from uniting into larger and more powerful political units, and then picked one of Malphas's most promising servitors to be the Demon of Cities. Izrann, a Balseraph, has served Malphas ever since, but as his Word has grown in power, so have his ambitions. While he gets along fine with his Superior (like most of Malphas's servitors, Izrann believes he occupies a privileged place in his boss's esteem), he believes his accomplishments over the millennia since Jericho fell merit his being made a Prince in his own right.

What Izrann has yet to realize is that one does not become a Prince by being "promoted" to that rank by Lucifer; that is merely a formality. A demon becomes a Prince by declaring himself one, having the power base to defend that claim, and then being recognized by Lucifer. Malphas outwardly supports Izrann's ambitions, promising to back him up when and if Lucifer decides he is "ready". But in the meantime, Izrann's minions, like all demons of Factions, are a backbiting, quarrelsome lot engaged in a continuous game of one-upmanship. If Izrann ever united his demons, he'd have a sufficient power base to declare autonomy, but as long as his demons never look beyond the borders of their city, they will remain a fragmented faction…just the way Malphas likes it.

Izrann is extraordinarily powerful; he's a match for some of the weaker Princes. As such, he's one of the few non-Superiors who can actually grant his own Band and Servitor attunements. Servitors of Izrann get their Band attunement and the basic Rites for both Cities and Factions for free…..and the dissonance restrictions of both Words. They may purchase either Izrann's or Malphas's attunements separately.

Izrann only has the ability to grant one Distinction, which is merely a prestige title, not coming with any special abilities. He also cannot be directly invoked as a Prince can.

No statistics are given for Izrann; he's easily beyond the range of a direct confrontation with any PC. He has all of Malphas's attunements, as well as his own.


Demons of Cities have dissonance restrictions similar to those of Angels with the same Word; it is dissonant for them to spend more than 24 hours outside any city limits. If a "stranded" demon makes it to a city within 24 hours after gaining dissonance, it will fade, but remaining out in the countryside for more than 48 hours will require the dissonance to be worked off in some other way.

Izrann's Servitors must also do something once a day to diminish the quality of life in a city. It must be at least a misdemeanor violation of local ordinances. Litter qualifies, though it has to be something significant. Tossing a gum wrapper on the sidewalk doesn't qualify; dumping your trash by the side of the road does. It's perfectly acceptable to start a fight that makes a public commotion, thus satisfying both Izrann's and Malphas's dissonance requirements at the same time.

Band Attunements

Izrann's Servitors get a free Role in the city to which they are assigned. The level of the Role is 3, status is whatever is appropriate; demons may buy up these free Roles if they wish.


Balseraphs of Cities are lawyers and politicians. A starting demon might be an assistant D.A., while a demon with a level 6 Role could be an assistant to the (human) Mayor or a City Councilman.


Djinn of Cities get Roles as cops or criminals. They have a good time stalking and harassing civilians. They may also become post office employees or garbage men.


Calabim of Cities become construction and maintenance workers, where they make sure that every project is delayed due to constant unforeseen accidents and structural defects.


Izrann's Habbalah are "community advocates", whether representing special interest groups or just taking the Role of a widow with nothing better to do than campaign for public decency, while trying to run out of town anyone who offends their standards. Some of them are clergymen.


Lilim of Cities work in "caring" professions, which can range from prostitutes to doctors and nurses.


Izrann's Shedim get a Role of "Homeless person", and assume the benefits of a Role when they possess homeless people.


The Impudites of Cities work in service professions- like Lilim, they may be prostitutes, but they can also be clerks, taxi drivers, librarians and teachers, anything that has them working with the public.

Servitor Attunements


This attunement allows a demon to cause a localized power failure. One city block can be affected for every point of Essence spent. The duration is equal to the demon's Celestial Forces in minutes. This power will not prevent backup generators or batteries from working.


With the expenditure of 1 Essence, the demon can cover a large exterior wall, or the side of a bus or a subway car, with graffiti. It can be of any design the demon wishes, or just random scrawlings.



Izrann can appoint any of his Servitors Mayor, though usually he reserves this privilege for a demon who has first been given a Word for that city by Lucifer. The demonic Mayor of a city is entitled to command all of Izrann's other Servitors in that city, and generally commands a considerable amount of respect (or at least fear) from other diabolicals as well.


Same as Malphas

Basic Rites

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