Favorable Interventions (a d666 roll of '111' for angels, or '666' for demons) represent the Powers That Be smiling upon them, whether it's just a lucky break or the personal blessing of Lucifer. The Angelic Player's Guide (pp. 75-77) and the Infernal Player's Guide (pp. 76-77) provide descriptions and suggestions for GMing favorable Interventions; The IPG simply mirrors the APG with descriptions of favorable results for Diabolicals. Neither book describes the consequences of unfavorable Interventions. This is something I would have liked to have included in the Game Master's Guide, but I simply didn't think of it until too late. Thus, I hereby present a remedy, which I hope will be of some use to In Nomine GMs.


Just as God and Lucifer both work in mysterious ways to aid their minions, they also may take action against their foes (or maybe any random schmuck who happens to annoy them). An unfavorable Intervention means you've attracted the disfavor of Higher Powers. But this will not always be immediately obvious; neither God nor Lucifer are likely to announce their interest in every situation that catches their attention. And an unfavorable Intervention doesn't necessarily mean that anyone is out to get the character personally. Lucifer has laid "booby-trap" of ill will and nasty coincidences throughout the Symphony; you never know when some minor act might just pull the pin on a grenade Lucifer planted eons ego. The Prince of Darkness set in motion diabolical chains of events beginning shortly after the Fall, many of which have yet to reach their culmination . . . unlucky you, to roll a '666' and be standing at ground zero when the last domino in such a chain falls.

As for God . . . well, He designed the board, the pieces, and the rules. How difficult would it be for Him to know, back during the dawn of Creation, that a few thousand millennia later, there'd need to be a Malakite walking by a particular streetcorner just as some poor demon decides to risk expending a couple points of Essence, and make sure that happens?

Unfavorable Interventions, like favorable ones, shouldn't be overly dramatic except when the GM needs a dramatic moment; otherwise it begins to feel like God and Lucifer are spending entirely too much time zapping individual angels and demons. Interventions will generally be appropriate in severity to the importance of the action that triggered them. Getting an unfavorable Intervention while trying to make your Area Knowledge roll will usually just get you hopelessly lost. It might cause you to run out of gas in front of an enemy Tether if God or Lucifer really feel like screwing with you. But it rarely causes your engine to explode, or "misdirects" you from Los Angeles to San Francisco. (If it does, then maybe finding the nearest convenience store was a lot more important than you thought . . . )

Most unfavorable Interventions fall into one of the categories below. These are only rough guidelines; an unfavorable Intervention can be literally anything bad the GM can come up with. It can be more than one bad effect, in any combination, and at any level of severity the GM thinks appropriate.


The most common type of Intervention, misfortunes are simply harmful "coincidences." They may be small and irritating, or absolutely disastrous. They are rarely overtly supernatural, and the character may not even realize that his "bad luck" was actually the result of malign cosmic fate. Misfortunes are how God and Lucifer stick out a foot to trip the unwary, and usually occur when least expected, during noncritical scenes . . . though they can also happen in the middle of combat.


Most often occurring when someone is attempting something Higher Powers really don't want him to accomplish. An exacerbation is a normal failure . . . amplified. The effect will be at least as bad as a normal failure with a check digit of 6, and may have additional deleterious effects.


This type of Intervention comes in the form of assistance to the character's foes. It happens most often when the character is facing someone on the Other Side. The character might not even see the results; the GM simply uses the Intervention as an excuse to give the character's opponents a free gift; maybe some extra Essence, or a weapon, or knowledge they wouldn't have otherwise had.


A more direct form of Intervention, Interference means someone inimical appears up to harass the character. It might just be a mortal showing up at the worst possible time, with no knowledge of his role in the greater scheme of things, or it might be reinforcements sent expressly to kick the character's butt. Whoever arrives, it will make things worse for the character.


Somebody Really Doesn't Like You. God and Lucifer rarely intervene directly in the War, but when they do, it's unmistakable. God's Avenging Fist (or the Hand of Satan) reaches down to slap you around. This form of Intervention is rarest, and scariest.


Any of the above Interventions can happen at any time, to any degree. Interventions range from trivial to earth-shaking. As a general rule, the GM should make them appropriate to the situation; a gang of Malakim isn't likely to descend from Heaven just because an Impudite failed to charm a random mortal morsel, and someone who rolls an unfavorable Intervention during a confrontation with an enemy Superior should suffer more than just tripping over his shoelaces. However, there are no rules for this, and the GM can make any Intervention so subtle as to pass unnoticed, or a calamity of Biblical proportions.


Trivial Interventions don't disrupt events significantly, and are rarely recognized for what they are. Something unfavorable happens, but it's neither disastrous nor unnatural. This is recommended for when someone happens to roll an Intervention on an unimportant die roll.

Something annoying happens, but it's (seemingly) just a routine bit of bad luck. A bad reaction roll turns an unimportant NPC implacably hostile; a missed Driving roll results in a punctured tire.

The character blows his roll, but merely suffers the results of a normal '6' on a failed roll, with perhaps some additional misfortune (a failed resonance roll might mean the resonance is knocked out for an hour or two longer than usual, for example).

The character's opponent might get an extra point or two of Essence, or find a weapon conveniently within reach, or (if unaware of the character's plans) they just happen to do exactly what will inconvenience the character the most.

An unfriendly NPC shows up. This may be a police officer in a mood to harass the character, or a celestial spirit (who might not even show itself, but will observe the character and report everything he does to its superiors).

Fist of God/Satan
What happens won't be any more severe than what normal "bad luck" might bring, but it will be obviously divine or infernal in nature, and it should come in such a way as to shake up the character. That NPC who turns hostile might momentarily glow with a holy or unholy aura; the tire that pops does so with a whiff of brimstone.


Minor interventions are likely to occur during important, but non-critical moments. They can cause great inconvenience, but usually nothing the character can't recover from, with enough determination.

The character suffers amazing bad luck; while looking for a hiding place, he stumbles into an enemy Tether, or his favorite artifact is stolen by a pickpocket, or a triad of Judgment shows up to interview the dissonant Ofanite just when he's in a hurry . . .

The character fails in noteworthy fashion. While trying to repair something, he destroys it. When trying to shoot someone, he shoots the wrong person. His resonance fails and is knocked out for double the normal time period. He botches a Song so badly, it makes the maximum disturbance and he accidentally spends an additional point of Essence, despite not taking effect.

The character's enemies get an amazing lucky break. Everyone gets a point of Essence (or an individual gets fully recharged), or they're suddenly supplied with the perfect artifact to really screw the character (the demon a Kyriotate is trying to possess might just happen to be wearing a Force Catcher, for example).

Someone formidable shows up at a bad time. This usually means an enemy celestial, or mortal reinforcements, but they'll have the means and the will to cause serious trouble.

Fist of God/Satan
Something significantly Bad happens, and the character knows that Someone Up There (or Down There) doesn't like him. He might get slapped with a point of dissonance, if he was doing something just a little bit inappropriate (but not normally dissonant), or his reliquary might suddenly lose all its Essence, or he suddenly becomes paralyzed for a few critical moments.


Major interventions occur during critical scenes, such as when a life is at stake, or at a major turning point in the adventure. Combat often falls into this category. Unfavorable Interventions will be dramatic, and usually have a decisive effect . . . the unfortunate recipient will be lucky if he's able to walk away.

The "coincidence" will be amazing, and amazingly bad. The random mortal the character tried to pick on turns out to be a Word-bound celestial. His car's engine explodes. A bridge collapses beneath him.

Not only does the character fail, he fails in spectacular fashion. His resonance is inoperative until the next sunrise (or sunset). When he tries to Invoke his Superior, the wrong one shows up. A Song accidentally affects the wrong person, or drains all his remaining Essence.

Opponents receive a gross advantage. All of their injuries turn out to be "flesh wounds," or they are all recharged with Essence. Any of their resonances that had been disabled are fully functional again.

An much more powerful enemy shows up; possibly a Word-bound angel or demon, or a gang of Malakim (or Calabim), or a heavily-armed team of Soldiers.

Fist of God/Satan
A major supernatural event occurs, and it's Bad. The character is hit by a pillar of fire, or acquires spontaneous Discord. An enemy Tether forms. A celestial is suddenly exposed in his true form in front of a crowd. A Servant turns traitor, and simultaneously transforms into an agent for the Other Side.


A critical intervention occurs during decisive events which can impact the future of the War. An intervention rolled during the climax of an adventure may be of this caliber. The results will probably have a major and permanent negative impact on the character.

Anything possible can happen, no matter how improbable. Meteor strikes, spontaneous combustion, an ally Falls (or Redeems).

The character fails in epic fashion. He loses his resonance for a while, or completely forgets a Song. He accidentally shoots an ally, scoring a critical hit that inflicts instant death. He tries to invoke a Superior, and gets yanked to Heaven or Hell instead - whichever plane he's not native to! (Or Lucifer shows up in person . . . this can be Very Bad for an angel or a demon . . . )

All enemies are refreshed completely; wounds healed, Essence recharged, ammo replenished.

An Archangel or Demon Prince takes a personal interest in kicking the character's ass. The Superior may or may not show up in person, but he'll send minions, and keep sending them until the hapless target is stomped.

Fist of God/Satan
A calamity of Biblical proportions befalls the victim. He's transformed in some fashion; he may Fall or Redeem, or be turned into something else, or smitten with a dozen levels of various Discords. Or simply turned into a pillar of salt. Fire rains from the sky and destroys his Tether, or the Mark of the Beast appears on his forehead and his Superior casts him out.

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