In Nomine Resources

This section contains new rules, items, character types, and other things to use in your In Nomine campaign. Some of this material was originally written for official supplements, but didn't make the cut for various reasons.

In Nomine FUDGE -- Converting In Nomine into FUDGE.
In Nomine Nobilis -- Running a mythic In Nomine campaign using Nobils.
Dark Malakim -- Originally, Dark Malakim were to appear in Fall of the Malakim, but due to lack of coordination, they were deemed incompatible with the story at the last minute.
The Grigori -- an unofficial write-up of the Eighth Choir (compatible with their presentation in GURPS In Nomine).
Minor Bands -- Other Bands of demons that populate Hell (and occasionally come to Earth).
Minor Superiors -- Opinions -- Quotes that couldn't be included in the Superiors books.
Unfavorable Interventions -- The Angelic and Infernal Player's Guides gave guidelines for favorable Interventions (Divine for angels, Infernal for demons), but none for unfavorable Interventions.

Corporeal Player's Guide Cuts: These were written for the Corporeal Player's Guide, but didn't make it in due to lack of room, or because they were deemed incompatible with canon.

Jack Chick In Nomine -- Jesus loves you (but Laurence and Dominic don't). A tongue-in-cheek In Nomine variant.
The Redeemers -- An angelic Order devoted to redeeming diabolicals.
Beyond Choirs and Bands -- Variant rules to allow celestials that aren't bound by a single Choir or Band.